Tooth Removal in Bangalore: A Price Too High?

The cost of tooth removal in Bangalore, India has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This has led to a great deal of concern among locals, who are struggling to afford the rising costs. In 2017, the average cost of a tooth extraction in Bangalore was Rs. 2,000, a significant increase from the Rs. 1,200 it was a few years ago.

The increase in cost is due to a number of factors. For starters, the cost of materials used in the procedure has gone up significantly. The cost of anesthesia and other related medications has also increased. Additionally, the cost of labor has risen, as dentists are now charging higher rates for their services.

The high cost of tooth removal in Bangalore has hit the middle class the hardest. Families who are already struggling to make ends meet find it hard to pay for the procedure, leading many to avoid going to the dentist until their problem becomes too severe. The result is that they end up in pain and with infections that could have been avoided if they had gone to the dentist earlier.

The government has taken some steps to try and address the problem. In 2017, the Karnataka government announced a scheme that would provide free dental services to people living below the poverty line. The government has also set up a network of dental clinics that offer low-cost treatments.

However, despite these efforts, the cost of tooth removal in Bangalore remains high. This has led to a growing sense of frustration among locals, who feel that the government is not doing enough to make dental care more affordable.

It is clear that the cost of tooth removal in Bangalore is too high. The government needs to take action to make dental care more accessible and affordable for all. Until then, the people of Bangalore will continue to suffer from the financial burden of an expensive procedure.






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