Say Goodbye to Loose-Fitting Dentures with Screw in Dentures in Turkey

Say goodbye to loose-fitting dentures and enjoy the comfort and stability of screw-in dentures in Turkey. With the introduction of new, advanced technology, the procedure is now possible in Turkey, providing a more comfortable and natural-looking solution to those suffering from tooth loss.

Dental implants have been used worldwide for many years, but only recently have they become available in Turkey. The procedure involves the dentist making small incisions in the gums to place titanium screws that act as a base for a prosthetic tooth. The screws are then covered with a specialized prosthesis that is customized to fit the patient’s mouth.

The screw-in dentures procedure offers a number of benefits for those looking to replace their missing teeth. Firstly, they are much more comfortable than traditional dentures, as they provide a more secure fit and stay in place more easily. This means that you can eat, speak and smile without worrying about your dentures falling out. Secondly, the procedure is much more aesthetically pleasing, as the prosthesis looks and feels like natural teeth.

Thirdly, screw-in dentures are much more durable than traditional dentures and are less likely to break or chip. This makes them a much better long-term investment for those looking to replace their missing teeth.

In addition, the procedure is surprisingly affordable, with prices starting from as little as $1,200. This makes it a much more attractive option than traditional dentures, which can cost several thousand dollars.

If you are looking for a more secure and comfortable way to replace your missing teeth, then screw-in dentures may be the right choice for you. With the advanced technology available in Turkey, you can now enjoy a much more natural-looking smile and kiss goodbye to those pesky loose-fitting dentures.






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